Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girl Flower

Last week, I went on a mission to clean my closet (results will be shown once I'm 100% done) because I was inspired by storage related blogs and being a type-A personality myself. I discarded old clothes which were about decades old, bought new ones from my recent Hong Kong trip (also reserved for another post) and discovered hidden treasures; a few fab finds and in this case, tulip skirts. I didn't know I have that much tulip skirts. Lots and lots of tulip skirts, in a variety of colors and patterns...summing up to 25 pieces in all.

These were given by my aunts for me and my sisters, but they didn't like the fit on them. It was then decided that I will take these little flowers since I have the hip bones for them. I figured...25 tulip skirts?! what am I going to do with these? But I love the colors! They resemble tulips and candies. :)

After YEARS of neglect and a bit of inspiration from various blogs and my workmate Jika's outfits, I finally had the guts to wear them. The challenge is to make 25 outfits for 25 working days in different styles that would be work appropriate. I'm not really fond of wearing non-monochromatic color combinations, so this is really out of my comfort zone...As a designer, I think experimentation and risk-taking is important even on little things :)

I already started with Day 1, a vintage inspired look worn on the most recent Monday; unfortunately, I wasn't able to post the picture, which I probably will in the upcoming days. Anyway, here's day 2:

I just wanted something orange because I've been working with orange and yellows for the past few days on a few interior design projects. It just so happened that the blue dress turned top, a hand-me-down from my sister fits nicely with the yellow skirt. To balance the strong colors, I used a white belt from another dress. The white shoulder bag, another hand-me-down from my sister, is my typical bag-to-work. It also accompanies the white belt so it wouldn't feel so alone. The pumps are from Wade, a Christmas gift to myself last year.

Looking forward to challenge myself with more outrageous colors and outfits. I'm thinking of something green hehe.